Word of Mouth Referral Strategy

Is your networking not working?

Are you pulled in all directions by your clients and customers, and feel like you are out of control? Imagine being able to work with people you wanted to be with most of the time, with a steady supply of word of mouth referral business. That is what Andrew delivers for his clients.

He takes teams through a simple process where they workshop the stages of word of mouth referral generation.

We start by telling stories of where they have helped people recently. There are usually quite a few! We then work through them to find the differences you made for these people, and quantify these in ways that are measurable and noticeable. From there, we can work out who else needs these, and we can develop a plan to go and find them.

The workshop applies in small businesses, teams, for profit and not-for-profit scenarios, and they usually take a couple of hours. The process is very relaxed, and builds confidence in the team that they are already contributing to what you all want. As the outcome is about sharing stories with a purpose in your networks, and finding referrals in the process, this is a sales strategy for people who hate selling!

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"I feel 'training' does not adequately convey the massive benefit and value that may be gained in attending your online sessions." Ian Bennett, GDPR Consultant, UK

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