What's Your URP?

andrew gibson

Andrew wrote his book, "What's Your URP?" to help more people than he can physically meet to have this experience.

Like his "single session" approach, the book contains a simple process that helps people as young as 9 years' old "take back control of their own destiny".

In business, we are expected to find a Unique Selling Point. Often, it is impossible to be truly Unique, and no-one likes being sold to (or selling to others!), so finding a useful USP is hard.

Andrew’s process is to look to the customers you help and become an expert in their world who makes a difference. If you become known for this, they will start referring you to people like them. If you are the only person making this difference for these customers, you have a URP – a Unique Referral Point.

This book will help you find more of the clients you want to help and makes starting and growing a business simple.

The book is available on amazon here.

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Andrew is curious to find new applications where the URP process will help people make progress. Please use the contact form to get in touch with your ideas and to start a useful conversation.

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"What a fabulous insight to finding a job you love, with people you love and it not feeing like work???? I took this book on holiday as a maybe ! Maybe because wasn’t sure I wanted a work mode book on holiday!! But I’m so glad I did, it’s light hearted , professional and funny Honestly if it’s your bag it’s a page turner, even just to read about Richard Branson and the wheelchair ! I Loved it !! 10/10" - Reviewed by a reader on Amazon. Link to review

"This is one if the most helpful books on business I have read. It's not too long nor too short with no complex jargon. I was struggling to work out how to build my client base and the approach to take but this book has opened my eyes to see what was actually right in front of me." - Reviewed by a reader on Amazon. Link to review

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