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andrew gibson

Andrew’s second book presents a clear method that will help people ‘Make Life Simple’.

In a world where complexity is all around, Andrew has taken his single session approach and adapted it, presenting it in his book, ‘Make Life Simple’.

Combining Solution Focused Practice with Social Capital, which is your reputation or your narrative in your network, Andrew helps you work out what you want, before you work out what you want to do. He shares ways of building social capital for yourself and your network, and ties this all together with a simple process for getting things done.

The book is available on amazon here.

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Andrew is always happy to help people make life simple in conversation. If you would like to get in touch or book one now, please contact us.

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"Andrew provides us with the fundamentals of achieving a simpler, more successful life. Better relationships and interactions, and most importantly, as a result, better outcomes. The insights conveyed are not rocket science. The process explained by Andrew - the sum of his life experience to date as to 'what works best', is appealingly easy to understand and grasp. The daily practice suggested is incredibly useful, it can and should be adopted by all." - Reviewed by a reader on Amazon. Link to review

"Make Life Simple was an absolute eye opener for me. The ideas within help you cut through all the noise and get focused on what is most important to you and your life (and, in my case, business). It shares insights and stories that will change the way you see the 'problems' in your life. You also get some very practical tools to help make life simple. Interestingly this book has also made me more effective as a coach with the people I strive to help in my daily work and perhaps even a (slightly) better husband too. Highly recommend for anyone looking to improve, simplify and become more effective" - Reviewed by a reader on Amazon. Link to review

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