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All coaches need supervision to ensure they are following best practice.

At the same time, like all professional services, coaches need to find more clients to help. Andrew combines both of these into a single session.

We will review your coaching practice, and by exploring recent coaching sessions where you have helped others, we will refine and develop your approach. In the process, we will identify the types of people you enjoy helping, the difference you make for them, and we can simply turn that into a referral strategy for future use.

Coaches make great networkers and connectors – as long as they don’t talk about coaching and networking!

Andrew is a fully trained Solution Focused Practitioner, international speaker and lecturer on SFP, and specialises in the application of SFP in businesses and charities. He is the author of two published books that bring SFP to the practical needs of people as they seek to progress in their lives, careers and businesses. If you want to experience a coaching supervision session like no other, book using the link below.

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andrew gibson

"Andrew was excellent. He provided a very useful model and technique and was extremely knowledgeable. His demo of, guidance through, and questions to prompt understanding of the model and technique were first-class." Fiona Robinson, Consultant, South Africa

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