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Your Business is Magic!

26th of January, 2021

The Magic Circle was established in 1905.  Twenty-three magicians gathered at Pinoli’s Restaurant in London, and went on to form their society.  In 1906, Nevil Maskelyne edited the first issue of ‘The Magic Circular’ an...

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The Word of Mouth Secret

11th of October, 2020

The Word of Mouth Secret Everyone in business knows that the best business comes from word of mouth recommendations.  Indeed, various studies have shown that over 90% of people trust a word of mouth recommendation, ...

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Who makes the money in a Gold Rush?

21st of September, 2020

My wife is Australian.  Specifically, she was born and raised in Norseman, a gold mining town in the heart of Western Australia.  The discovery of Gold in Australia is a recent event, with gold fever gripping the country in the...

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