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If you would like to experience Andrew’s approach immediately, please download these free extracts of his books.

What's Your URP? Sample Make Life Simple Sample
andrew gibson

Andrew offers single session coaching by Zoom video call. He helps people, teams and organisations make simple progress.

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andrew gibson

Andrew specialises in single session workshops. If you want your ‘Best Year Ever’, Andrew will help you deliver it.

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Speaking & Lecturing

An expert public speaker face-to-face and on Zoom, Andrew’s talks deliver real outcomes for his audiences, changing the way people think for the better.

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andrew gibson

Like his "one session" approach, the books, ‘What’s Your URP?’ and ‘Make Life Simple’ are easy to read and to apply. These books make a difference.

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andrew gibson

Andrew helps people make life-changing progress in one meeting.

He helps you take back control of your destiny - quickly and simply. Andrew helps people to find their best selves after just one meeting.

He has helped over 1,000 clients this way, and is regularly told, "I never thought of it like that..." during client meetings.

He has written the books, ‘What's Your URP?’ and ‘Make Life Simple’ so that more people can be helped with his methods.


  • One coaching session can help you choose when faced with many options
  • One workshop can help you and your team have their "best year ever"
  • One plenary workshop can ensure your conference builds a network of happy and connected delegates
  • One conversation can change your life - described by one client as "worth its weight in gold". He coaches individuals and teams internationally, delivers workshops, guest lectures and keynote speeches.

He also trains his methods into organisations. Andrew lives in Leeds, UK, is married to Natalie and they have a young son, Alexander.

andrew gibson

"My head is buzzing. I never even throught about it that way. That was amazing!" client after one meeting.

Have a Brilliant Crisis

We all face challenges, and right now some of those challenges can be overwhelming.

We can help ourselves with some simple tools and I share these in this short video. First, look for what is in your control even if just a little, and don’t worry about the rest. Next, I share three excellent questions that will help you, your family and friends, and your colleagues to keep strong, grow and build for what’s next. We can all Have a Brilliant Crisis. #letshelpeachother.

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