Business Start Up

Starting a business is easy. It’s everyone else that tries to make it complex.

Here is the magic formula:

  1. Find something you love doing
  2. Work out who you love doing it with
  3. Find out what difference this makes for them afterwards
  4. If there is a difference, then this has value
  5. Find more people who need this difference and when you are ready, start charging for it

Your business plan can be one page long. No need for SWOT, PEST or Market Research analysis. No need for a lengthy description of all your hopes and dreams for the future. Let’s build your future one step at a time.

Andrew specialises in taking people through the process above, usually in a single coaching session. This session helps you find business immediately, and helps you work out where you can find these first clients and customers. He has been told so many times that this approach works that he wrote a book about it, ‘What’s Your URP?’. If you buy (and read!) this book, you can access a session with the author directly on Zoom to help apply it directly to your business. Use the link below.

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"Thank you very much for our meeting last Friday, which I really enjoyed - it certainly helped me to focus on my more immediate priorities!" Geraldine, Career Coach, UK

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