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Would you like next year to be your Best Year Ever? Then book Andrew in for a session using the link below.

In business, we spend huge amounts of time business planning, yet we ask the wrong question. We obsess about what we are going to do. Does your business plan contain revenue and profit targets, sales targets, perhaps broken down on a month by month basis so you can check progress? That is useful, but it comes after a better first step.

Here is how you can run a workshop that will set up your Best Year Ever:

  1. Imagine you were 12 months’ into the future from now. You have delivered your best year ever.
  2. You walk into the office in 12 months’ and 1 day’s time. What do you notice that tells you you have just had your best year ever?
  3. Ask “what else?” as many times as you can and flipchart or note the noticeable differences.
  4. Consider everyone else who is involved visiting your office on the same day. As they walk in, what would they notice? What else?
  5. Once you have a long list, come back to today and review.
  6. Looking at the list of noticeable differences, do you notice any of them happening now? Have any happened in the recent past?
  7. And finally, looking at the list again, if we were one step closer to our perfect future as described, what would we notice? Identify these and this is your next month’s action plan.

If you try this for yourself, try not to flipchart ‘action’ or ‘we would be doing…’. Instead, list the things you would notice with your senses. Sounds simple, though it isn’t easy. If you need some help (and would like your best year ever), book me in or call me +44 (0)7808 096170.

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"Loved Andrew – easy going style and got people to interact." Lyn, Consultant, South Africa

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