Team Coaching

Have you ever wondered how to get the best out of your team?

Or maybe you want to get the best FOR your team? Andrew has vast experience of working with teams to help them be their very best selves, and to work as the very best team.

His Simple approach builds confidence, gets results, and helps team managers to focus on the long-term goals and not the day to day issues thrown at them by a struggling team.

Andrew brings the Solution Focused approach to team coaching. He won’t waste any of your time or money on complexity; no questionnaires, no personality profiles, and no silly games. Instead, he works on the interactions, looking for what’s useful and helping you and your team to amplify it.

He works on Zoom, so this offer is available globally. In one session, he can help your team make progress.

Take your team to where they want to be, and you want them to be. Book on the link below.

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andrew gibson

"Fabulous session yesterday, really well done, not an easy task when you can’t visibly see everyone you are presenting to!  I found the information really useful and somehow it felt like a real team spirit." Philippa Goldstone, Recruiter, UK

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